Sport Therapy

Sport therapy is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of an individual back to optimum levels of functional,occupational or sports specific fitness regardless of age and ability.

About Sports Therapy
Our qualified therapists will have the knowledge and ability to:

  • Assess in detail the nature and cause of injury, musculoskeletal imbalance or disfunction.
  • Use a range of treatment techniques including cryotherapy, mobilisation, taping and strapping, electrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation and exercise prescription.
  • Implement appropriate rehabilitation and corrective exercise programmes.
  • Place a huge emphasis on educating every individual so that they fully understand the nature and cause of their injury or complaint and their proposed treatment plan and timescales

Our therapists are able to draw from a wide range of knowledge and experience in order to offer the most appropriate treatment and treatment techniques for your individual needs.

We actively encourage self management and optimum performance through education, advising methods of self treatment and how you can prevent further problems. Sport massage is a specialist deep tissue massage which aims to relieve exercise related pain within muscle and soft tissues. It can be very useful before or after exercise to speed up recovery time and enhance performance of muscles.

Always discuss with the therapist before treatment your specific aims and objectives of the treatment such as specific muscles groups to treat and details about sport or events you might be preparing for. Also, if you have suffered a particular injury sports massage can be integrated as part of your treatment and rehabilitation.

Benefits Of Sports Therapy

  • Relieves excessive muscle tension
  • Speeds up recovery after intensive workout or injury
  • Helps in early recognition of potential problems preventing injury
  • Increase joints range of motion and muscles flexibility
  • Improves muscle performance and body posture

Session Prices

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy 60 Minutes – £55
  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy 90 Minutes – £75
  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy 120 Minutes – £95
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