Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese complementary treatment used for pain and stress relief that’s effectiveness is being reinforced by a growing number of research studies.

About Acupuncture

Although often described as a means of pain relief, acupuncture is in fact used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses.Acupuncturists believe the treatment regulates the flow of ‘vital energy’, known as ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’), that circulates through a series of invisible channels in the body, known as meridians.Stimulating the acupuncture points is thought to release blockages in this energy flow and promote healing mechanisms.

More conventional theories include triggering the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain known as endorphins, blocking pain receptors or stimulating the nervous system by means of acupuncture needles.Because traditional acupuncture considers every bodily function to be connected and interdependent, it recognises the role emotions play in illness and disease.

By inserting fine needles into specific body points, acupuncture can stimulate the body’s own healing response and help restore its natural balance. The needles are all single use and disposable, so there is no risk of infection or contamination.

You may get benefits after just one treatment, but often a course of six to ten treatments is recommended, especially for chronic problems. Treatments are often once a week to begin with and then spread over increasing intervals of time.

For those who “don’t like needles” (which is a lot of us!) the needles themselves are extremely thin – nothing like an injection needle – so there is only a mild sensation as they are inserted, followed by a localised aching feeling when the right point is stimulated.

Benefits Of Acupuncture

  • Can be used to relieve tension and stress
  • Can be used to relieve pain
  • Can be used to help overcome addictions such as smoking

Session Prices